How to Make 2020 your Year!

If 2019 wasn’t your year and you faced many challenges then there are definitely things you can do to make this year better. Live in the present:  Your main aim should be to live your best life in the present. This doesn’t mean you make radical decisions because you’re having fun but it means that […]

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Revising in Ramadan

Revising with an empty stomach isn’t easy at all, but a few tips could make it slightly better. Eat Wisely You can only eat twice during the day, once for Suhoor (breakfast) and then for Iftar (dinner) where you actually break your fast. When you do get to eat, eat foods that boost your brain […]

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How To Master The Art Of Presenting

Presentations are a popular way through which you can communicate to your audience effectively about a product or a topic. We are always tested through presentations, whether it is at University or at interviews as part of an assessment. Depending on your profession, it is more than likely that you’d have to present for work, […]

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