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So who likes cake? Pretty much everyone, right? Most of us like eating cake but when it comes baking it, we become a little hesitant; no-one wants to risk messing it up. What about when it comes to actually turning it into a business, the hesitation only increases. We are lucky to have this platform where we can reach out to so many inspirational people who actually possess the courage it takes to turn their simple idea, into an actual running business. We’ve got the privilege to collaborate with Adeola Omole, also know as Dee for the post, like us; she is also a University of Westminster alumni. She has actually taken her passion for cake making a step further by turning it into a business. This post wishes to capture her journey and also share some inspiration with any start-ups out there.

So where did it all start

Dee grew up loving food and cooking in general, she then started leaning towards cakes and other desserts. She would help make these desserts and cakes for family and for friends, on occasions. Her degree in Business and Management, with Entrepreneurship, gave her the knowledge on how to run a business. She also developed the right skillset through this course.

Dee’s Basement now 

“Dee’s Basement is a cake and confectionary brand providing custom cakes and treats as well as a bespoke dessert creation experience. I aspire to open a permanent space where customers are able to design their own desserts and watch it being made before their eyes”.  

Here are some of the beautiful cakes Dee has designed, for all types of occasions.



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No matter what the occasion, you can make it special with Dee.


Dee found that her major challenge was facing the competitors. She felt as though she was becoming too concerned by the activities of her competitors that it was unhealthy for her, it is important that your attention from your business doesn’t shift. Standing out in comparison to the competitors was a challenge, she needed to be original and not copy an idea that was already taken. Hence she focused on her signature style.

Getting onto Deliveroo


If you are a start-up food company, being on Deliveroo is the dream. Just that chance of being exposed to such a wide audience is amazing.

You need to pitch them and they key here is standing out. You can’t copy someone else, so you need to come up with something original; just like Dee did. Be creative with your recipes and your menu choices.

“They really liked my menu choices and business idea and told me I was successful and they wanted me on Deliveroo. Then it was just sorting out admin & contracts etc. They have a fee when joining to help cover the cost of the tablet etc. they give you for orders and they take a commission on orders placed but the joining process was relatively quick and simple”. 

Dee’s advice for start-ups

1.Don’t wait until after graduation

“If you are considering starting a business, then don’t wait after you have completed University. You have more connections in University; make use of those connections, and also the knowledge and skills your course teach you. You’re better off making the temporary sacrifices whilst at university; adjust despite your tight deadlines, rather than leave it all after graduation, it may be too late”. 

2.Work whilst you pursue your business

“There’s a lot of research and development needed in the early stages of your business which can become expensive especially if you have a physical product and require prototypes. Having a job even part-time will help you fund your business in the early stages especially when customers aren’t guaranteed and you’re not making a lot of money”. 

3.Plan your days

“When you work for yourself it’s very easy to get into the mindset of doing whatever and whenever. But by doing that you end up procrastinating which is going to keep your business in the same place and make little progress. Making to-do lists and prioritising tasks will help utilise your time more efficiently which will help benefit your business and its progress”. 

Dee’s advice for Graduates

“Do as many internships and work experience as you can whilst at University. They can help you get a job after you graduate and establishing professional relationships during University will make job hunting a lot easier”.

We hope that you enjoyed this post and learnt something. We strive to make our blog inspiring and relevant each day. We would like to thank Adeola for taking time out of her busy schedule to collaborate with us. We wish her all the success her brand deserves. Below are Dee’s Basement’s social media handles, make sure you go and follow them. Surely the mouthwatering cake images would have tempted you, so why not make your next occasion memorable by ordering at Dee’s?


Once again, thank you so much for reading!

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