Prescribed Guidance To Freshers

Hellooo Peeps..

The first week.. when you start university can be quite unusual because typically there’s not much learning involved however you feel a huge leap, a huge change in your lifestyle. This is why we are here to help, this post aims to give you guys tips and advice that would help your first week of university go smoothly whether you are living at home or away.

Pack wisely: Even though you are packing just for university and you aren’t living away you need to make sure you have all the essentials (check the last post) that will help you, having things like medicines are also pretty useful. If you are living away, you don’t want to pack your whole house but you don’t want to miss anything that’s why make sure you have enough clothes. It helps if you have packed for the season. Also consider you will be in a new environment, there’s a possibility you won’t find certain things the same day such as groceries. Perhaps prepare for that beforehand so you don’t have to worry about the first couple of days. 

Be sociable: When I started university, I was given the advice to mingle with others as they are in the same position as you and it will help you both. This advice was one of the best, being in a different atmosphere is much harder when you are alone. Having someone you can relate to is often helpful.. (the regeneration can relate to you, so come to us for help) You can explore the area together, learn more about the syllabus and if you’re feeling homesick, cry together.. the point is you have each others backs and shoulders.. head, shoulders, kneees and toes 🎵.

Explore: The key to finding out where everything is would be exploring. Find out where the station is, where you’d do the grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Finding out all these things at a sooner date makes things easier on you and means you aren’t stuck in a difficult position. It’ll help you feel at home as well.. means you’ll settle in quicker. 

Join clubs: University doesn’t have to be all boring and academic. The exciting part of university can often be a result of your involvement with student union. There’s numerous clubs you could join, relating to sports, culture, religion and so many more. If there’s nothing for you, be adventurous and MAKE ONE. Joining these clubs on freshers week can be another way to meet new people and make friends. (Best part of freshers week is getting freebies, PENS PENS PENS GALOOOOOORE).

Be wise with money: You can’t simply rely on your student loan, parents money and your part time job. A lot of it depends on how well you budget your money. Believe me it’s easy to spend everything in one day but you wouldn’t want to struggle with money.

Don’t underestimate the workload: If you think the first week of university is a representation of the rest of your journey then you my friends are mistaken. It may seem easy and fun at first but if you don’t manage your time from day one, you’ll be in a terrible position. The deadlines tend to be close together, so start early and finish in good time.


Be safe: Your safety is most important. If you don’t know much of the area you’re living or studying in, take a few precautions before hand. Hang out with trustworthy people, don’t stay out too late and avoid consumption of alcohol or anything that can stop you from thinking straight. 

So that’s all for now, hopefully this post helps you. There’s many more detailed blog posts for freshers out there. However I thought I would narrow it down, if you’d like more posts like these from us or want us to cover a specific topic, do get in contact. We’d love to hear from you and help you whilst you embark on this journey. Also make sure to have fun during freshers week and throughout your university journey. As long as the fun doesn’t take you away from your ultimate goal and is within moderation, University doesn’t have to boring. It’s in fact somewhere you can create life long memories. 

With that being said, we hope you have a great freshers week.

Have fun, and keep it legal.

Arifa & The Regeneration Team.

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