How to approach results day!

Hello all,

For many of you reading there’s a high possibility that you are going to be getting your results in the next couple of weeks. For this reason I thought I’d enlighten you on how to approach results day.  If you personally aren’t receiving anything, chances are you know someone that is.. so please do read this and share it with those that may find it helpful.

I’ve been in this position before and I completely understand how daunting this experience may be.. how alone you can feel. It’s like you just want to know what the future holds, whether your hard work paid off or whether you’ve simply disappointed yourself.

But here’s some advice that could really help you out:

1) Be calm and confident: This sounds lame I understand, but don’t undermine the importance of maintaining composure. Being calm and confident is important because you don’t want to start getting nervous for no reason, mainly because that could affect your well-being. Also, being calm and confident helps make sensible decisions under pressure. If things do go badly, you don’t want to make a hasty decision. Understand that you’ve done your best, and there’s nothing more you can do.. and if you know you’ve not worked to your capabilities, you NOW know was failure feels like and you use that as motivation the next time round.. and theres always a next time. 

2) Remain local: This is a time where you need to be able to prepare yourself for all different possible outcomes. I understand times have changed and technology has advanced and connecting to wherever is easy.. BUT for someone to be able to make big decisions from a different country would be difficult, please remember time difference is a thing. You staying in familiar surroundings can help a lot.

3) Make sure you aren’t lacking sleep: The worst thing to do before this big day is to deprive yourself of some sleep. You don’t want to be getting migraines, eye bags and nausea on the day where you need energy.. the fresher the mind the better the thought process = good decisions on your future and I mean if the results are good then you have more energy to party!

4) Have a back-up: Its extremely important to have a back up. Sometimes we mess up and things don’t go our way. There is always more than one way to get to a desired destination so always have a back up.. I mean google maps always gives me 5 different routes to take. Sometimes we also have to reconsider our destination choices, the question you ask is, do you really want to go there? It all comes down to your mindset and being prepared for the worst.

Results Day

So what happens if you do end up doing badly, and the decision time comes where you’re asked what next?

1) Choose a subject you’re interested in:  Whether you’re deciding for A Levels/BTEC/Undergraduate/Postgraduate, same rule applies. Do something you have an interest in. Studying isn’t easy, it requires long hours of study and consists of coursework and exams. It would be much harder if you were to study something you didn’t find interesting.. enjoying what you study makes it so much more easier and fun. 

2) Choose a subject you see a future in: This is just my personal opinion but it often pays off to study subjects that would help in the job market. Employers often look for certain degrees which is why if you have an academic background in it, that would definitely help.

3) Consider working: I myself chose doing a degree for many reasons such as doing the family proud, enhancing my knowledge, having some educational background that would help me when I get into the job-market. However I understand it isn’t something for everyone, some may have difficult circumstances for example which is why they may get into the working world straightaway.  If you find an opportunity and you think it will help you progress, most importantly makes you happy then go for it.  Sooner or later we want to end up working anyway.. starting earlier just gives you an edge and much more experience. 

4) Travelling: Only if you can financially afford it, otherwise theres no point.. unnecessary stress. It’s a good way to relax and explore a different city and enhance your knowledge. After all everyone deserves a break!

So that’s it for this post, I understand it has been a long one but its also been my personal favourite one to write. I genuinely hope it helps you or someone you know, so do let me know what you think of it and share it where possible.

Good-luck to you with your future, I assure you things will work out eventually the way its meant to be!




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