The launch!

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog.

My name is Arifa, I am a 21 year old living in London. About my background, I’m an Indian Muslim born in Kenya, raised in Uganda and my family is scattered around the world. Yes that’s pretty cool I guess, but if you already know me and you’re reading this you probably just told me to shut up.. jealous of my international background are we?!

So, I guess I’m a very ordinary person with a pretty normal family. My upbringing was nothing lavish as such, but it’s been very humbling. Gotta give a shoutout to the parents for the awesome upbringing and continuous support they have given. I do belong in a very typical Asian family in which support literally translates to the “you’re growing up, time to sort out your life” talk.

As a kid I was fairly  ‘clever’  I’d say. I mean, i did manage to ace those first school papers back in Uganda. I know what you guys are thinking, It’s just first school.. not a big deal. Well, as most Asians would know it, it actually is, because education back home is much harder, and yes we get hit by a ruler if we don’t do our homework or are ill-mannered. All we have here is a 10 minute detention .. and that’s probably the harshest punishment you’d get . So  long story short ..  really, i’ll keep it short .. when I moved to the UK I was 8. Firstly, there was a massive culture shock and the syllabus was different. I was pretty slow because I was trying to get used to the accents and the different dialect of English, and that pretty much slowed me down academically.

GCSE maths came and I was made to sit a foundation paper, it felt awful because once upon a time I used to be brilliant at maths and then I forgot how to calculate certain kinds of formulas and by the time they actually taught it here, I was struggling too much. 

Despite the struggle I still managed to do A levels, not the most amazing grades ever but I managed to get into University. It was a shame that during my A level exams I became super ill. I had bronchitis and had hearing problems around when all the crucial assignments were due and when revision classes were taking place. I felt pretty weak during my exams too, not trying to make any excuses and I understand people go through much worse, but it was tough .. i mean exams are difficult as it is without extra issues. 

September came and a new chapter started, I felt I became so much more independent. I was no longer waking to school/sixth-form any-more but was actually making long journeys to Central London. The fast paced lives, the busy rush hour, the on the go coffees, sometimes even the Mcdonald’s or subway breakfast before my 10am lecture was the new reality. First year of University was crazy, it was hard in the sense no one was spoon-feeding me anymore ..  i was no longer a child, well what i mean is i couldn’t get away with acting like one. I wasn’t told what to do, how to do it, there was no second warnings. It was just me, my tasks, and the submission deadlines. In terms of support, all we had was a not so good brief, (makes sense why they call it a brief, has no detail or explanation whatsoever), and a referencing guide. A REFERENCING GUIDE? like I need that when we have websites helping us out. Big up!!! First year was just a matter of enjoying the freedom and just pretty much passing everything. Second year managed to kick my teeth in, the pressure kicked in as grades finally somewhat counted towards my degree. The third year, are you even in third year if you haven’t had multiple breakdowns, cried a few times, and considered dropping out. I mean google it, those words in bold have big links to third year of university.. I’m kidding, it isn’t that bad. It was still pretty memorable, especially the times me and a few friends would complete assignments whilst helping one another and motivating one another to ensure we pull through.

Months later, despite all that, I can proudly say I am graduating with a 2:1. Now it’s time to make a name for myself , throw myself into the corporate world and make serious money. Come on, I have the student finance to pay back.. not like i studied for free. 

The purpose – of this blog is to reach a wide audience and help those either going into University or already in University. It’s going to include a variety of things, from advice from third years to advice from actual professionals. If you’re not here for advice and tips, rest assured it will have a lot more. After all a life of a graduate cannot be that boring.. I kid you not.

The main purpose – is to capture my own growth, to show you how I went from being a student to where  am now. As of now I’m still in the launch stage. Also, my aim is to improve my own writing skills, do my own research and most importantly to create my own brand.

So I guess welcome all to my new blog and I hope you’re as excited for this as I am. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, a new journey. For now, this is it. Good news is that this blog has launched and there will be many more exciting ones to come. You may expect a new blog once a week from me.

Thank you so much for reading!!

3 thoughts on “The launch!

  1. Very insightful! It’s so good knowing the background of the author so you develop a relationship on a more personal level other than a face behind the screen

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