Survival Of The Fittest – Emerging Entrepreneur

Hi guys, from the title you guys might be wondering, what this about?! .. well carry on reading you’ll find out soon! 

So what is an entrepreneur? The actual definition for an entrepreneur is someone that starts his/her own business undertaking many financial risks in hope for profit. There’s more to an entrepreneur than this simple definition. Personally I think entrepreneurs are extremely brave. To bring life to an original idea isn’t easy. You may know famous entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson (Virgin) , Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook) and the late Steve Jobs (Apple).

So what makes all these entrepreneurs last? Here’s a few things I have drawn from my research:

Attitude: Having the right mindset as an entrepreneur is crucial. You would face many difficulties including failures but if you don’t have a positive attitude and are unwilling to persevere, you won’t last. Be someone that is humbled by failures!

Determined and passionate: This bounces off from the first point. If you’re determined you’ll be able to bypass all the failures and rise. Furthermore you’d do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Confident people’s person: This is vital because as an entrepreneur you’ll have to meet many potential investors and clients. It’s essential that you make a good impression and the way to do that is through effective communication which happens when one is confident. This is most definitely a skill needed for someone that would want to be seen as a good leader.

Cash flow:  It’s easy to get carried away when you hear successful entrepreneurs starting off with a dollar or a pound in their pocket. Makes an emotional story eh? What they don’t tell you is how they achieved the success AFTER they received the investments.

Creativity: As an entrepreneur, because you’re starting your own business you want something that is new. Why spend time on an idea that already exists? .. thats where creativity comes in..
Problem solving: Being able to solve problems is a must. You need to be competent and independent enough to make decisions regarding your idea. Be decisive..

I decided to ask my dear friend Shanaz about her journey and ambition. I wanted to know what ignites the interest in an entrepreneur to take such a difficult road. I wanted to discover the skills and qualities needed in an entrepreneur, that would help them from the studying aspect all the way to the start up. So hopefully after you’ve finished reading you’ll know whether entrepreneurship is for you or would at least learn a lot about this pathway.

I asked Shanaz what the three main things that you need in order to succeed in this field are. Her reply was “perspiration, inspiration and coffee”. Yes I know what you’re thinking guys, perspiration is the process of sweating .. BUT hey! read between the lines. It conveys hardwork, shows the level of dedication and hours someone puts in their work. After all, if you don’t feel the sweat or the muscle pain, have you even worked?!

Secondly, to be inspired is crucial. Whether it is your family, friends or even a public figure you look up to. It is important to look up to someone for their values and even their journey. Sometimes this can give you a real feel on how to climb up the ladder, and what the secret recipe to success is. Perhaps you can take the very actions those that inspire you took to succeed. In Shanaz’s case, her family has definitely been at the heart of her decisions. But most importantly I have found that she has passion. Her passion towards developing sustainable technology that could benefit those that are in third world countries too. You could say that this is an intrinsic motivation whereby she wants to do something that is rewarding but at the same time it’s something that makes her unique and edgy. In relation to the public figure that inspire Shanaz. Elizabeth Holmes, a female entrepreneur truly inspires her simply because she has risen despite the backlashes faced due to management and her product. In addition to this she’s truly a remarkable human being for breaking the social barriers set by people against women and is therefore an inspiration for women in contemporary society.

Finally coffee happens to make it to the top of entrepreneur’s list. It does give them the energy boost needed to make daily decisions. However I personally would recommend other healthier options such as juices and herbal teas, coffee only under moderation.

As a mentioned earlier that Shanaz is passionate towards developing sustainable renewable technology. This is where her idea of Roam Telecoms derives from. She’s faced numerous challenges regarding the testing and the creation of the prototype. However her ability to persevere has allowed her to come this far. In fact she gives an example of what Thomas Edison said, ” I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

For those of you interested in Roam Telecoms, the next paragraph is for you.. 

Roam Telecoms, is a mobile phone that entirely operates through the use of solar powered technology, rely on just your basic average daylight to use your phone without the use of having to connect your phone to a power outlet.

A pitch by Shanaz on Roam Telecoms.. 

So just to wrap up this post; I hope this has given you an insight into entrepreneurship. Also if you’re from the entrepreneurial field let us know your thoughts on what is needed to be an entrepreneur. Link to Roam Telecoms will be below and so will the social media links to The Regeneration.

Twitter – @RoamTelecoms

Until next time!


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