Dealing With Dreadful Deadlines ..

Hey guyss..

I am pretty sure most of you reading have some kind of deadline approaching, and here you are procrastinating reading this post. However, we’re sure that once you get to the end of the post you’ll feel energised and eager to be productive.

There’s a tonne of websites out there proving tips, some even give between 10-20 tips. We appreciate that our readers have a million things to do, thus we have made our advice much more concise, by selecting the best and using what’s worked for us too. We have a top 5 and we can assure you these tips are effective. Whether your deadline is at work or at school, whether you’re a university student or GCSE – the tips will help you all!

So what do you need to do when you approach deadlines?

Fix your mind-set – Don’t be so negative. How many of you thought you couldn’t handle a certain deadline in the past, but made through it anyway? You did it then, you can do it now too. Altering your mind-set from the very beginning will save you from the stress and headaches. It’s important to have a can-do attitude as it is a form of self-confidence.

Get your priorities straight – This is SO SO SO important. We couldn’t emphasise this enough. If you don’t know what your priorities are its very easy to drift away from them, because they are non-existent to you. However, if you know them it means you know your goals. Hence it becomes easier to achieve them and get where you need to be.

List all your deadlines – If you list your deadlines. You will remember them. Otherwise two days before you deadline, you’ll end up in a position where your mate messages you “have you finished it yet?”, and then poor you will think they are talking about an episode of a show. So don’t let it get to that awkward moment and be prepared.

Master your organisational skills –  Keeping a note of deadlines is the first step. After that comes completing section by section whilst managing your time, prioritise any other deadlines you may have too. This also includes pre-allocating timings to different parts of the assignment.

Treats for motivation – We are all kids at heart. Knowing we have something to look forward to is always exciting. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with having an incentive after every deadline to motivate you. At every achievement, big or small, give yourself a little treat. For example, a nice day out somewhere after submission of your assignment.

We kept this one short and simple for you guys, but we genuinely hope that these top five tips really help you. They’ve certainly helped us! It is November, this means more deadlines before you break up for Christmas. What this also means is that you can expect more posts by us relating to managing your Christmas breaks, preparing for exam and general study tips. So if you aren’t following our blog yet, be sure to do so. Also, follow us on our Twitter (Re_Generation) and Instagram (the_regeneration_), for updates on new posts and some inspiration.

Lastly once again, do let us know your thoughts on our posts and if you have any suggestions on what we should talk about.

Thank you so much for reading, and we wish you all the best with your deadlines.

The Regeneration



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