WBS Alumni: Where are they now? – From BA to MSc – Azmina Begum

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Some of you have been here since the very beginning of The Regeneration, when the blog initially started up and you may even remember the post which advised readers on how to achieve a first. Here we are focusing on the life journey of Azmina Begum who was one of the few people to achieve a first. She has now decided to complete a Master’s in Science which is very different from Business and Management, but here at Regeneration we think that those who decide to make huge decisions about their life are extremely brave and inspiring.

So for anyone that is considering completing a Master’s or is in the middle of making a change in pathway, continue reading ..


Azmina is a 21 year old, British born, in the heart of Chelsea and Westminster. Whilst growing up she was very passionate about Business. She went to a Language Specialised School and Sixth Form where she achieved an A in Spanish and an A* in Italian. We all know what a major plus point knowing more than one language is. At the same time she was a Business Mentor to Year 11’s. With dreams of wanting to become a business teacher at one point, she decided to study Business Management at undergraduate level and specialise in Human Resource Management.

“I was interested in how the formal systems of HR would be devised to the management of the people within the organisation. The discipline of HR enabled me to learn skills of employee rewards and retention, payroll, talent management and the pivotal role it plays in the functioning of any business. Being skilled in HRM, enabled me to know my legal rights as an employee but also manage and delegate to others effectively to ensure better productivity and efficiency”.

Azmina graduated in Business And Management with HRM as mentioned earlier .. However, that is not quite the route she will be taking despite achieving a First Class Degree in the subject.

The change in direction ..

Azmina has worked as a trainee pharmacy advisor before which is the reason for her interest in science. Her First Class degree means that she can gain acceptance in whichever course she wishes.

“Anyone who knows me, knows that I love learning new things. Embarking on an MSc enables me to develop a career into a clinical field and pursue a PhD in my area of interest”.

It’s very evident from what she has said that she is extremely ambitious and has an element of ” being adventurous” in her personality. Most importantly she isn’t someone that will do what is typical, instead she will continue to learn new things and do what interests her. She is keen on completing a PhD after completing MSc.

But is completing a Master’s for everyone?

Azmina suggests that one of the reasons why she has pursued a Master’s is because being raised in a family of Academics has meant that she’s been interested in completing one. She also does highly encourage everyone to go to University. However, she goes on to saying how Master’s is not for everyone and it does solely depend on the individual and their circumstances.

“MSc is very different from undergraduate Level. It is very demanding, time consuming and challenging, however I like the flexibility it offers and I know once I set my mind to something, there’s no convincing me otherwise”.

To be suitable for a Master’s you need to be extremely self-motivated and have the drive from the beginning.

Skills needed to complete a Master’s

“To undertake Masters, you have to be a tenacious, hardworking and level headed individual with critical thinking skills”.

Her advice to students ..

She emphasises a lot on further reading and taking initiative. You won’t go far if you aren’t willing put in the effort. At the same time, it is vital you do what you desire and love.

Before we conclude we at The Regeneration would like to thank Azmina for sharing her story with us. We’d like to wish her all the best with her future and all her endeavours. There’s a beautiful lesson to be learnt here and that is to always do what you love the most. An incredible trait in Azmina is that she loves taking on new challenges and has a passion for learning.

We hope this post has inspired you in one way or another. Whether you are someone thinking to pursue a Master’s or someone that is contemplating a direction change. Just know that it’s never too late to take control of your life and you must put your interests before anything else.

Keep an eye out.. new content coming soon!

Arifa and Team.


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