How To Stay Efficient During The Christmas Break.

Hi guys,

The festive season has started, there’s a lot of excitement building as Christmas arrives. For students however, this isn’t always a positive thing. Students can be under the pressure of revision, completing their assignments before and over Christmas and simply managing their time whilst simultaneously taking a much deserved break.

So we thought we’d create a post based on the advice we would give to you before you break up for Christmas and also during your breaks.

Make a note of your deadlines – This is crucial if you want to be organised and also if you want a to maintain a balance during your break.

Complete most of your assignments beforehand – In order to have a pleasant and relaxed break, it is important that you complete everything on time. This applies especially if you have pre-planned a holiday.

Produce your revision notes at an earlier stage – Often we create notes closer to time and spend more time making those notes than actually learning them. A lesson we have learnt is that if you produce clear and concise notes from day one, you will have less to worry about near exams. Which will allow you to simply keep doing run throughs of the notes produced.

Book a holiday for the right time – It’s good to go away on holiday but its only wise if it doesn’t clash with deadlines and exams.

Balance your work – No-one expects you to be home all day studying realistically, but there is an expectation that you’ll utilise your time off. Balancing everything out is essential, make a plan on how much time you would like to spend per day on revision and on your assignments.

Christmas holidays are holidays, just because you may have exams to revise for doesn’t mean that you need to beat yourself up. It is important that you do take strategic breaks and find some time to wind down the brain and re-energise yourself for whats upcoming.

On that note, we genuinely hope you have an excellent Christmas (even though it is a month away). We also wish you all the best with all your deadlines now, during Christmas and also in January. Keep an eye out for new posts over Christmas in relation to study and exam tips.

Thank you for reading!

The Regeneration




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