Life of a Recruitment Consultant – Ben MacGill

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Hope you have had a pleasant Easter. For this post we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Ben MacGill of Instant Impact. Recruitment companies play a crucial part as they represent clients that are looking for new employees and also assist them with their recruitment process. At the same time, the recruiter finds a candidate that is suitable for the role being advertised. Instant Impact is an excellent recruitment company that was built by graduates, for graduates. A little like the blog we have here. Instant Impact works with start up companies and scale-ups, finding them top talent. It is an award winning recruitment consultancy that is set to grow further in the near future.

The main reason for this collaboration is for us to learn about what the role of a recruiter entails, and share it with our readers. Some of you may want to pursue a career in recruitment consultancy or just want to get in touch with a good one.

Some Background

Ben studied criminology at University, he wanted to become a lawyer or a policeman. He never really considered getting into recruitment even though he found out that it was the ideal career for him at a career’s fair! 93% match is not a joke. He then started working in a law firm, however only lasted a year. He lost interest in the industry pretty quickly.

The moral here is very simple, do what you love and enjoy. It is never too late to change your direction as you can utilize your experience so far, and make it valuable.

Typical Day of a Recruiter

If you’ve ever wondered what a recruitment consultant does day to day, then here’s your answer!

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1.First they get in touch with their clients and ask them about their processes, and what it is they are looking for in an employer.

2.Then they design a job description and look for potential candidates – Recruiters tend to use job boards and social media channels like LinkedIN to find people. Consider deleting any pictures or statuses you may have that may be considered inappropriate, you never know whose looking!!!

3. The recruiter email these candidates, talk to them on the phone, and shortlists themselves

4.Arrange an interview – This part differs with each client as some may want the candidate to complete an activity first, have a phone call interview, and then a face to face interview. In any case, the recruitment consultant would be there to answer any questions the candidate has and help them prepare.

5.Share constructive feedback with unsuccessful candidates and positive news with the successful ones, this would also include some key information on next steps.

The Good and The Bad

We asked Ben to tell us what he loves and hates about recruitment, yes we are clearly nosy! Here was what he had to say:

“I love being able to meet new people everyday and have a positive impact on their lives. Recruiting is such a fulfilling job, and if you have a company that really cares about your professional development, it can be a dream career.

I think that the worst part of Recruitment, for me, is that I am too tough on myself and will never be satisfied with my outcomes. There’s always more work to do, and in Recruitment, the early bird gets the worm(s).”

What skills are needed to thrive in recruitment?

“I personally believe it’s one skill that trumps all others: Consistency.  Consistency in your emotions, knowing how to deal with set-backs constructively and grow from adversity. You typically only make mistakes once in Recruitment!”


If you are currently in education then we advice you to focus on your studies and give it your best. You may not be considering recruitment at this point, hence it is best to keep your options open and seek some careers advice. Work experience and internships are also an excellent idea whilst you’re studying, as you familiarize yourself with your likes and dislikes.

If you are someone considering getting into recruitment, you must be aware that a consultative approach is needed. It isn’t a typical 9-5 job either as it requires a lot more commitment. Having said that, the added commission does make up for it.

To our readers, we strongly advice you to get in touch with Instant Impact if you are looking to pursue a progressive career. You may be an intern or someone with a little more experience already, either way Instant Impact are there to make a difference in your lives. They are on the hunt for young and ambitious individuals that have the eagerness to learn.

We’d also like to thank Ben for collaborating with us. Also, below are the links to Instant Impact. Do check those out as well as their website here.

Twitter: @InstantImpactUk

Instagram: @InstantImpactUk

Thank you for your ongoing support, we’ll see you on the next post!

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