Common Problems Faced By University Students – Contains Secondary Research

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Till date, this blog has dedicated itself to providing advice that would essentially benefit you throughout education, primarily University students. However we thought it’d be useful to actually design a post that identifies the prevalent issues students come across throughout their university journey. Without having these problems, there’s nothing to really advice you on.

We did some research using a variety of sources online to find out what the biggest problems faced by students were. There were a few similarities in findings hence to make it easy we will order the issues in terms of the most common/most appeared one first.


Adjusting to new environment: Pretty self-explanatory and probably the main problem university students face. Adjusting in a new environment can be pretty scary simply because you have so many changes to digest. Making friends, exploring your new campus, finding out about your course and deadlines and much more.

Homesickness (Living away from home): In the beginning adjusting to a new environment poses many difficulties and hence can lead to homesickness. Even a few months later, perhaps when deadlines approach and stresses increase, students tend to miss the comfort of their home.. I mean after all home is home! .. Institutes such as Southampton University amongst many, offer facilities to help students tackle this problem.

Pressure: Pressure can be caused because of a variety of issues such as a lack of  understanding of the course, assignments, deadlines and even exams. Assignments at University generally tend to be a lot harder than previous education as you have to take your own initiative and have to be very independent. Therefore there’s always that fear of doing badly and pressure to do so well.

Exams: Exams and everything to do with it can be very stressful. For instance, before the exam period starts there’s that worry of preparing the notes and actually starting. Some of us end up procrastinating which adds even more last minute stress. Then comes worrying about what will be on the paper, worrying about whether you’d fail.. it’s a mixture of facing reality and overthinking!

Money: Money is such a major responsibility and for many its a responsibility that just hits them at University. Having money to divide across expenses can be quite a task. It does require you to budget wisely whether its solely your parents money, student finance or money you may get from a part-time job. I was once told that “money doesn’t buy all happiness but I’d rather cry in my Mercedes rather than the train”. The moral of this quote is that money is very important to us and naturally puts us at ease. During university we all go through phases where money is an issue, sometimes you prioritise certain things over others just because your bank balance is in shambles.

Stress and Anxiety: This can be because of many things such as course concerns, deadlines, finance, peers, family and much more. It’s important to deal with it wisely before it gets out of hand, read our post ‘Stress? We’ll Tell You How To Deal With It’.

Our advice: Surround yourself with the right people that are your true friends and help you get through hard times. Also choose friends that motivate you to do well academically as opposed to a group of people that constantly push you to go out which means that you have to compromise with your studies and also spend more money for costs that can be avoided. Be highly organised when it comes to your studies and managing your money to avoid any problems.

Hope this post has helped you in one way or another. The sources used are from a variety of websites such as University of York, University of Southampton, The student room and many more.

As always, if you have any suggestions what you’d like us to cover, then do get in touch!

Until then, hope you all have a great Halloween and an incredible week ahead!

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