A Tech Startup’s Journey – Roam Telecoms

If you have been following us for a while now you may remember that last August we collaborated with Shanaz Khan for the post Survival Of The Fittest – Emerging Entrepreneur.

We got in touch with Shanaz to check up how things have been progressing since the last time we spoke, and it seems that things have really changed for the better.

Some Background

For those of you that don’t know, Shanaz did Business Management with a pathway (major) in entrepreneurship. She was the only female in her entrepreneurship class who did something tech related. This was one of her motivating factors.  She also did a module called Online Social Entrepreneurship – which made her step out of her comfort zone – and essentially take a risk on creating a product that didn’t exist in a market before but now does.

“Because  I went to a business school, it allowed me to make use of my network of connections and make my concept a reality.”

The Startup Idea

Roam Telecoms creates and develops sustainable clean products. They have a portfolio of creating and licensing out our technology, alongside we offer the opportunity of 3D printing (manufacturing) parts for other individuals and businesses. As well as being part of the early stages of other start-ups in guiding them and even creating their first working prototypes.

The Challenges Of a Tech Startup

Since the actual product hasn’t been done before, it’s tough as the product and concepts fit into a variety of market segments in which it can capitalise on.

Also, when it was being created, the team had to work within their means so unintentionally they became a manufacturer by 3D Printing, which in turn gave them another opportunity to exploit (with BREXIT) as they soon realised that since they created the product in the U.K.

“There aren’t any other companies doing that – so it’s unique for us to have our products and even us say: Created and manufactured in the U.K.”

Finding Experts In The Field

One of the challenges faced by Shanaz was when she tried finding people to help with the prototype development.

Ideally, you want to find experts in the field because not only can they help but its an opportunity for you to learn from the best. Educating yourself on the industry is also vital because that truly enhances your personal “knowledge bank”, and if you possess a lot of knowledge yourself then chances are eventually you won’t require as much outside help.

“Before you pay the person – why not develop the skill and learn yourself? It’ll be scary but that’s what entrepreneurship is about, you’ll end up learning another skill and be thankful you didn’t waste money.”

The Journey So Far

“The journey is still ongoing, and my journey will be different from others. Though I’ve always been asked why and how did I manage to keep the cost of creating my prototype to be just £50 (especially in tech when spending has no limit), it’s all to do with your mindset and working within your means (being a student at the time), which still correlated over to how I operate my business today. “

Next Steps For Roam

Expansion and growth, is on the horizon. Right now, they’re focused on Research and Development portfolio (licensing of our product) and manufacturing (3D Printing) as they want to be the key players that other businesses or individuals can come to, especially because of the uncertainty of BREXIT.

Advice for University Students and Graduates

“Learn a lot from your failures, don’t give up. Get back up and continue on. Trust me. The journey is the best part, you grow as an individual and learn from those around you.”

Thank You

Thank you, everyone, for reading, and thank you Shanaz for collaborating with us and we wish you the very best with your future endeavours.

If you’re a tech geek yourself and are interested in Roam Telecoms, then be sure to give them a follow on their social media.

Social media platforms

Instagram: @roamtelecoms

Twitter: @roamtelecoms


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