Preparing the best personal statement?

Guysss here we are! .. Helloo.

It’s that time of the year, the deadline for UCAS is approaching. You have to make that decision that could potentially determine your entire future. Don’t worry, as stressful as it can be.. I’ve been there and if it makes you feel any better I changed up my own personal statement two days before the deadline and made one overnight. It was a sudden pathway change, from Nursing to Business and management. Not going to get into what changed but definitely going to discuss the tips I have for you guys on how to make the perfect personal statement.

A strong opening: This is crucial because you need to catch the reader’s attention from minute one. It’s how you can make yourself stand out and seem like you have a strong personality.

Clear and concise: You’re applying for further education, so you need to ensure you aren’t waffling. Bedside it’s so important to make it easy to read and understanding, use specific words to enhance the clarity.

Be yourself: Someone out there will appreciate and want you for you. There is no point putting up a front and pretending to be someone you aren’t which is why it’s very important that you write in your own voice meaning you write the way you speak. That way whatever you’d naturally say about yourself would be conveyed. Also write yourself, getting someone to represent you can be problematic as they wont be an accurate representation to you and the authenticity could be questioned.

Back up statements with evidence: It’s easy saying you have great attention to detail, you’re highly creative, you work brilliantly in teams and what not. But without examples and the ability to prove it.. these are mere statements. Examples would give you as a person more depth, tell the reader that you are business and give you that credibility.

Write with passion: You’d be surprised at how easy it is to spot someone with a real interest. Universities and colleges want to give the opportunity to those that really want it and deserve it. Simply using keys words can make that difference and make you sound passionate. For example instead of saying you want to study medicine because you find it interesting. You say, ” I am self motivated and enthusiastic which is why studying is meant for me since I have the patience and values for it” .

Why this particular university: Research the university before you submit your application. There’s got to be something about that institute in particular that gives them an edge. It may be their values, their rank for the course that you want or even their location. Using that in your personal statement shows them that you have real genuine interest in them and know more than an ordinary student that’s applying.

Skills, education and experience: You may wish to divide these as appropriate. Relevant skills, education and experience can really boost your profile. Even those that aren’t directly related to the field may show your level of dedication. Institutes love candidates that volunteer and undertake extra curricular activities.

So these are the tips that I have put down for you guys. One last thing, whatever you do make sure that your personality reflects well in your statements. This is about you, make the most of it.

That’s it for this post, we have more exciting things planned for the future. Also since it is September there will be more relevant posts that will be extremely useful for you guys, especially first years.

All the best,

Arifa & Team

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