A Change In Direction.

Well Helloo Guys..

This post has been formed from an interview that took place between The Regeneration and Zakia Sheba (her details are at the end of the post, for those interested).

How many of you are under the impression that you have to end up in a pathway you have studied for? Having educational background in the field you want to get into is beneficial but not the only requirement. The transferable skills you have acquired throughout the years and the work experience you may possess is what matters most. Therefore, for the purpose of this post I am going to use Zakia’s journey as an example.

Background Time..

Zakia is a Project Manager at Rail Delivery Group. However she studied Bachelor’s of Laws Degree/Legum Baccalaureus (LLB).

She started off wanting to go into journalism, this was because she had studied English Literature previously because of her interest in reading fiction and non-fiction books which soon developed into passion in writing too. With a career in journalism, there is a lot of scope for traveling and you get opportunities to interact with different people with different views and backgrounds. However with time, as her responsibilities grew she realised the importance of a permanent and stable career in which rewards are in the form of high salaries.

Time for helpful tipsss..

For current students, Zakia’s main advice in 3 words is to ‘work extremely hard’. If you don’t work hard you’ll regret not going that extra mile. That little bit of extra hard work could make that difference between your grade. It could make that difference between a 59 and 60. Think about it, one mark makes a difference between your grade.

Her tip for graduates that are now looking for employment was to reflect and narrow down what you actually desire from a career. When you reflect on what you want from your career in terms of rewards and skills, you start narrowing down to your ideal job role. That way you start spotting the kind of values you are looking for in a firm. You start looking for a firm in which you will enjoy yourself, progress and further develop yourself.

The second step is to actually impress employers. Everyone needs a wow factor.. Zakia discussed hers. This is what makes you stand out. For example, in her case she told employers about how she adapted to the corporate world despite her cultural and religious background and how she overcame any barriers.

The purpose of this post is to inspire. Don’t be afraid of change, it’s through change that you actually find yourself. You explore your real self. You can go from studying English Literature and having a passion in journalism to making the decision of studying law which actually helps you on to management level. In my case.. my GCSE’s and A Levels were totally different, I was interested in essay based modules and humanities yet somehow I ended up picking Business and Management. (Bearing in mind I wanted to be a pilot as a kid, then thought being an author would be cool. In my teen years being a nurse appealed to me more, until I got a C in my science module (#SHATTEREDDREAMS). Nevertheless, this post goes to show that it’s never too late to make changes..

We hope this post has helped you. Special thanks from The Regeneration to Zakia for her input and her time. 

Zakia Sheba – Project Manager at Rail Delivery Group. LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/zakia-sheba-67ab08141/

Soon we will be providing you guys with in depth advice regarding career choices, CVs and more that are based on professional opinions. That way we can learn new things and share it with you as we progress. The journey is exciting, are you joining us?

Arifa & Team


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