Exam Tips – From Revision to Approaching The Day

Hi all,

Exam season is here, and most of you are probably the last minute gang. It’s all good though,  this post will hopefully help you with your revision.

The Zone

Do you revise in your bedroom? Do you revise somewhere loud? If so, might as well not revise at all. The environment you are revising in is equally important to how you actually revise. You need to minimise distractions, an environment where your younger siblings are playing around is not ideal.

  • Make sure you are seated on a chair rather than your bed
  • Don’t work somewhere that’s loud – if you can’t avoid this then pick a better time to revise or go to the library

Power of a Highlighter

This isn’t an exaggeration, but when it comes to revision – the highlighter is extremely useful. The reason we have attached the word power to a highlighter is quite simple, think about it, it makes certain words stand out compared to others. During revision, it is important to filter out all the irrelevant information out of your brain, remember only a few examples. The highlighter helps you do exactly that.

  • Don’t highlight entire paragraphs – the point of this is to help you identify what’s important so that it stays in your mind and triggers what the word should be associated with
  • Make notes based on what is highlighted to make your revision easier

Importance of Note-Taking

Please Please, do not underestimate this. Just reading a chapter in your textbook will not be sufficient. For you to remember something, you need to write it down multiple times. Not many of us have photographic memories, which is why simply reading never works.

Keeping the notes concise

Detailed notes are great at first, but they don’t test you. We recommend The Rule Of Three in this scenario.

First – You write detailed notes, this can comprise of paragraphs.

Second – You paraphrase what you have written. Try to use symbols and short forms. Try to make these notes as visually pleasing as possible. I was advised to give each topic one page, if that page is well-structured then your mind will remember the information much quicker.

Third – Test what you remember. Try to copy what you remember without looking.

  • Remember, this process should be done multiple times.
  • Do NOT cram. If you were to do this the night before the exam just once, chances are you will not remember it.
  • Allow yourself enough time before your exam to revise and to go through the steps above again and again.

If you don’t have enough time to do this then just stick to making bullet points on postcards, they’re not just for presentations!  

Past Papers and Marking Schemes 

If you have a look at past papers it will give you an indication of what has already come up and how the questions are generally structured. Attempt the questions and also revise from the actual answers.

  • Attempt first, copy after.

Breaks and Incentives

Overdoing something can actually result in you not learning the information that was meant to be learnt. This is why its recommended that you take breaks frequently, depending on your learning pattern and attention span, you could do breaks hourly or maybe every two hours. You’d know this because you’ll notice your mind divert when you can’t take revision anymore.

  • Treat yourself each time you meet your revision goals, for example when you complete learning a specific module.

Approaching Exam Day

It’s your exam day and the typical student will decide to do an allnighter the night before. But really, you can’t do much and calming your nerves at this point should be your priority. Briefly look at your notes once or twice, nothing more!

  • Get a good night’s sleep. ideally 8 hours
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Take some time out to meditate and exercise
  • AVOID those students that are way too nervous and constantly asking you if you’ve revised, because chances are they’ll unnecessarily panic you

This is it guys, If you have any tips, then do share them with us. Also if you have any ideas for what you’d like to hear next on our blog, then do get in touch. We are open to collaborations. If any of you have deadlines or exams, we would like to wish you all the best for them and we genuinely hope that our blogs are helpful.


The Regeneration 

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