The University Starter Kit

Heyyyy everyone..

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve gone silent, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a while. Rest-assured I was planning what to write next. Some of you have even given ideas of what you’d like me to cover. Your ideas have been heard and are very much part of what i plan to work on soon.

So it’s Septemeber, the start of the new academic year.. (well at least towards the end of September). You have people moving a year up in nurseries, schools, and colleges and then theres university students (goooodluck!). Let’s talks about University.. Yes freshers, this one is for you. The ultimate University starter kit. Here’s a summary of what you’re going to need. Some of it is self explanatory but it’ll be covered anyway.. because university taught me to be thorough.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 18.49.34.pngRead Below For Explanation

Student Oyster card: Shoutout to TFL. There’s a high possibility that during University you’ll need to travel a lot. Whether it’s because you want to explore different areas, because you need to travel home or even to your campus. This is why an Oyster card for those in London is extremely useful.. those discounted student fares eventually run out.. trust me I learnt the hard way.

Student bank account: I’m assuming that most of you have a bank account prior to starting Univeristy. In which case I think it’s essential that you switch to a student account as it gives you many perks and benefits depending on who you bank with. Also you need student finance to send you the money somewhere. They can’t really hand you a briefcase now can they? .. that’s just not how it works. 

Laptop: No detail required. You need somewhere to take notes and complete assignments. Having a mac helps.. i mean you automatically upgrade a level and it’s no longer a laptop.. but a MAC!

USB: Some times you wont have your laptop with you and will need to work on a computer at university.. it helps to have work saved on a USB. It can also be a back up to save work in more than one place incase something happens to the original file.

Note book and pen: This is useful if you learn the traditional way which is writing the notes by yourself. A very effective way of learning, as you repeat what was said to you, and then write it down.. good for doodling during long lectures too!

Highlighter: This helps you remember things easily. It was towards the end of my degree I really started appreciating highlighters. When words stood out to me in text books and notes, they were subconsciously helping me remember concepts.. notes with highlighting just look so damn good, right?

Diary: Having a diary can become a chore for many. I didn’t have a diary whilst I was at university but its now that i realised how much it would have helped organise my life. If it’s a chore to update it ensure its a kind of diary that makes you want to write.. theres no harm of keeping things interesting. It might sound childish and silly but sometimes having something bright and cute always helps me.. trying to keep into my inner child as I grow old. 

A flask and a water bottle: I’ve learnt from my  mistake, I underestimated the amount of coffee and energy drink I would need. I realised that most of my expenses was on coffee. Which is why I’m advising you fresher’s that when you are at Uni, money doesn’t grown on trees. Spending money is as easy as breathing. This is why avoid the small yet recurring costs, it’ll save you a tonne. In this case carry your own hot drink and water from home.

If you’re in need of a more complete list, below I’ve attached an image that may help you, especially if you are considering moving out. You should definitely find lists on websites such as Pinterest, for now I’m just sharing with you the absolute essentials.


Well there you have it.. some university essentials for you to consider purchasing. It’ll be of great use to you and can help you on numerous occasions. Hope I’ve been of help.. and also remember another university essential is, us.. The Regeneration. 

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Thats it from me.. clocking out



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