Three years, six lessons

So folks, this one’s gonna be a pretty short post about the major lessons I’ve learnt during the three years of University. It’s a fairly personal blog too but I think it could help many of you in your ‘growing up phase’.. (Acting like I’m an old wise lady). Some of you may agree and some of you may disagree but here are some of the lessons I learnt, that I’d like to share with you all ..

Never lose sight of what’s important: During University you’ll face many challenges and you’ll meet different kinds of people. Some real friends, some fake friends hidden behind real faces. All of these challenges are there to distract you from what you truly want to achieve. No matter what your challenges are, it is important to know your goal and focus on it.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your mistakes define you: Whether your mistakes are with regards to your academic life or personal. You need to remember that we always learn and grow. Without these mistakes, there is no self-development.

Remember you’re not a doormat: Hands up if you’ve met that person who only speaks to you when they need your help. I’ve been in that situation before, plenty of times. To be honest I’ve also been the person seeking help as well. (Not being a hypocrite, I did try to help them in return). Remember that you sometimes need to say no. It’s just how it is. Why should you spend time on someone else’s work if you already have a lot on your plate? Not even that, sometimes people don’t appreciate it enough and such people deserve to be told A BIG FAT NO.

Importance of a good circle: For the past few weeks I’ve been overly using the phrase, “you’re a product of your environment”. It’s probably one of the most real saying I’ve heard. If you want to be successful, you can’t hang around with people that are broke in their mindset. You can’t hang out with those that are lacking that motivation. You may think you’re all grown up and no one can influence you, but the reality is that yes they can. You’re telling me you’d be studying and all your friends say they want to go Oxford Circus and then Dessert, you gonna say no?

Complexity doesn’t directly mean difficult: 90% of the times it isn’t the content itself that is the problem. Maybe it’s how its phrased that’s complicated, but that doesn’t make it hard.

Deadlines are the devil, not the content: Secondly, the tight deadlines and the lengths of these tasks are what make it so stressful. Think of it this way, you have two deadlines in the space of one week. It takes you time to understand the question and collect your research, it’s a really long assignment too. In your mind you’re stressing about the next deadline. Dealing with that pressure is hard, not tackling the questions itself.

So these are the six lessons I’ve learnt in these three years. Do let me know your thoughts on this post and feel free to comment what the major lessons you’ve learnt are, either on here or on the social media pages.

Yes guys I have now created social media pages on Instagram and Twitter. Details are below.

Thank you all for reading, I’ll see you soon!

Arifa Suleman

Instagram: the_regeneration_

Twitter: Re_Generation


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