Overcoming Rejections and Failures

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So we thought why not do something that has been personal to us in life, post graduation. Something that everyone in The Regeneration team and those that work with us can relate to. Failure, we have all experienced this at some point in life. Whether it is failing studies, receiving rejections when being interviewed, or even when we worked and didn’t meet a certain deadline. Failure and rejection hits us humans left, right and center. It is just something we need to accept.

So how do you overcome this feeling of depression that these failures and rejections cause?

  1. Believe in the system – I used to work in face to face marketing where we were told that to make sales you have to keep persisting and believe in the system. This doesn’t just apply to sales, but also applies to life in general. Whether you believe in God and predestination, you may possibly believe in the concept right place right time. There’s thousands of unemployed people, some have been applying longer than you and some just happen to have a different direction to you. No matter what the case is, you need to believe that there is a right job for everyone, people retire everyday too. *cough cough* That means jobs being created, do you get it? The moral of the story here is that do not lose hope when you are being rejected or failing as you are only getting a step closer to what is meant to be.
  2. Productivity Overcomes Procrastination – Some of us tend to procrastinate a lot when we have failed, its because we start feeling demoralized. What we forget is that we are our own enemies and solutions too. During times like this, you can’t afford to doubt your abilities and lose confidence. Yes, maybe you need to realize that your methodologies can be improvised to guarantee success. Perhaps you need to work harder and longer. Therefore, you need to be productive.
  3. Hard-work and persistence – In school for instance, if you realize that there’s a particular module you constantly fail. It may be worth it to spend extra time with the teacher and practice the questions more. If you feel as though you aren’t getting enough call-backs for your applications, perhaps you could increase the amount you apply to. Whatever it is that you are doing badly at, find a way to learn from your mistakes.
  4. Focus on the quality being delivered – I know I just said that an increase in quantity can raise your chances of success regardless of what field you are searching for the success in. For instance, if its success in exams then maybe increase hours of revision, if it’s response from companies for applications then increase your applications in general. However, it is crucial that you spend quality time for your revisions and applications. There’s no point doing a tonne of one-click applies without tailoring your CV. Similarly, there’s no point revising for hours if you aren’t taking strategic breaks and testing your knowledge.
  5. Be action focused – Sometimes thinking too much of the outcome can get you doomed. You may begin to panic and possibly even do the bare minimum to get your result, as a result you fail. It’s vital that you give your action a 100% by focusing solely on the action. Say your boss has given you a deadline and you need to come up with a presentation to present all the data and the analysis. Imagine you leave this last minute thinking you’ll get it done, do the bare minimum to achieve this result but instead it turns out to be a complete train wreck and you make a fool out of yourself. That wouldn’t be nice would it?
  6. Organisation – Bouncing on from the fifth point, perhaps such an awkward situation could be avoided with some organisation. You certainly need to be able to multitask when you are studying or working, you also need to be able to manage your time effectively and have a sense of priority. Which deadline comes first, what task needs the most time, how long will this take, am I paying equal attention to all these tasks. These are all questions you must address if you wish to succeed in ANY field/task.
  7. Refrain from Comparisons – Often we determine our successes based on others, and it literally makes no sense. Do you know the direction they are heading at? Do you know their situation, priorities, struggles, anything? No? Then why compare! Your journey is yours and you are positioned where you are for a very good reason.

That’s it for this post. We hope this helps you readers, no matter what stage in life you are at now. Just understand that rejection and failure is part of it all. Here’s a great quote on failure, hope it motivates you.

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2 thoughts on “Overcoming Rejections and Failures

  1. OMG I love this! So much of this is so relevant to my life and things that I have tried to input into my life this year! Organisation is so so so key to helping feel a lot better about so many aspects of your life in general! Such an incredible post!
    Abbie x / http://www.abbwhi.com

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