Coursework tips!

Dear readers, helloooo..

As you can read from the title, it’s pretty simple and straight to the point. Most of you that have entered a new year of education will need this advice. Apologies to the geniuses that already received this advice and probably even act upon it.

But without further ado, let’s get into it.

Time Management: My friend’s, the reason why I have this mentioned this first is because most of you probably have rubbish attention spans like mine and won’t finish reading this post anyway. This is why I mention the most important that needs the most detail first. Most of the time when you hear your teachers mention the importance of time management it goes in one ear and it comes out the other. It’s literally just a phrase we tend to ignore. But guys I’m telling you, I have been there. I’ve been through that last minute nonsense and it did me no good.

Literally say this is how the mind works near deadlines okay..

*A re-inaction of a situation once faced by myself*

Me to me: “I have 2 deadlines next month I’ll start one in the beginning of the month and the other one the week after”.

Problem 1: Gave myself an unrealistic time frame to complete two assignment and underestimated the work load assignment one brings.

Problem 2: Both assignments clash and the stress increases. Issues arise such as you can’t find the right information, you are struggling to meet the word count. I end up realising that assignment two needs focus too. But because of the limited time I allowed myself, I found myself in a stressed out position where the quality of my work was just not good.

How many of you have been in this position?

Allow time for research first:  Sometimes finding sources and information whilst actually writing it up isn’t ideal. You begin to stress out and use up whatever source you find and say “it’ll do the job”. But what you really need to do is have the relevant sources noted beforehand, it may just make your life easier.

Plan: The better the plan, the more organised you are. Hence you don’t have to worry about actually starting. A lot of my worries derived from worrying about when and how to start and actually collecting my thoughts. I realised that when you plan ahead, most of the stress disappears.

Say no to your bedroom: Bedrooms are a place of pure comfort and laziness. When your bring work to your bedroom you instantly go into that “I just want to finish this and sleep” zone rather than “Let me get some actual work done” zone.

Pick a productive time: People tend to underrate the importance of picking the right time to work. We are all different! Some of us work better in the mornings whereas others just look like angry zombies that wanna kill someone. Any night owls like me? As much as sleep is important and I highly recommend you get your beauty sleep if you work better at nights, by all means do so. As long as you don’t stretch it till too late and compromise your sleep or work whilst you are tired.

So guys these are the main tips I would give. I understand that many of you are the type to procrastinate. I assure you if you have a goal in mind and realise how badly you want to succeed, you start sticking to the plan and use your time wisely. Once you fight that procrastinating bone in you, do abide by the tips given above. Hopefully that will aid you whilst you produce the best coursework ever.

The academic year has literally just begun, but don’t worry. We are right here to support you to make this journey just a little bit bearable.

Until next time,

Arifa and Team

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