The New Era – Digital Marketing

Helloo again..

Many of you reading this are possibly university students, graduates or just people that read the title and got curious. Either way, welcome.

As you all know digital marketing a growing industry and as someone that has studied marketing I was really keen on learning more.

So for the purpose of content creating and self-learning I decided to interview Brittany Fourman, a marketing manager of a multi-million dollar company based in Ohio. After completing her bachelor’s in Communications and Journalism, she found herself in a position where she had excellent knowledge in many areas of marketing. These include, public relations, B2B, marketing, digital marketing, sales and advertising. If anyone is interested in knowing more about Brittany, what she does in detail and/or is simply curious on how to lay out a marketing based CV then visit her website.

What makes digital marketing so relevant today?

“Remaining relevant in today’s world is very difficult. A majority of companies close because they can’t get enough business. Shopping is done online, news is online, social experiences are online, our whole worlds are online. Digital marketing is the most direct, effective and most lucrative way to reach targeted customers. It gives you more control and analytics to create more effective ads, develop a desired response, and collect information”.

Brittany also adds that Digital marketing makes a revolutionary impact on companies. It allows companies and individual people to reach out to those that they wouldn’t normally find. This widens the target market as well as the reach. After all you can be super creative with your digital marketing strategies that even those that initially had no interest in your company are now showing interest. Also, the same person that only had people in his local area to promote to can find customers worldwide. That’s the beauty of digital marketing.

Advice to those at university and those particularly interested in Digital Marketing

Hard work is crucial! We say it in almost all of our posts how important hard work is. In this case, the advice Brittany has given is to not only work hard but to be prepared to work for a cheaper price at first. This conveys your passion for the industry to your clients. Your willingness to learn and lack of greed will put you in a better position in the future and will help you stand out against your rivals.

As digital marketing is so fast-paced it’s a good thing to have a mentor, someone you can ask questions and bounce off from. Also, reading and watching webinars will help you enhance your knowledge and keep you up to date with the latest trends.

Tools digital marketers should keep in mind

If you are already into digital marketing and are looking for tools.. read below.

Hootsuite: Helps you save time and manage all your social media marketing efforts from a single dashboard.

Asana: Allows an individual to keep track of his/her work with a team. It also allows you to collaborate with other teams on Asana.

WordPress: A self hosted blogging tool

InDesign: Produced by Adobe, allows you to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and ebooks.

Photoshop: Produced by Adobe, allows you to edit and manipulate photos.

Want your business to grow further and reach more people? Continue reading…

Many organisations miss out growth opportunities. This happens when they undermine the importance of investing at least 10% of their revenue in marketing.

“A good marketing consultant will put in place and see through, a strategy that not only promotes brand awareness but also builds trackable ROI for the customer”.

Brittany has identified how companies miss out and therefore has launched her own business whereby she helps others grow. If you are a business owner and want your investments to pay off, I highly encourage you to visit the website for Next Step Communication and check out the services provided here.

Follow Brittany Fourman to learn more about her services on @Nextstepcommunication on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for reading and many thanks to Brittany for her time and wise words. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Arifa and Team



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