WBS Alumni: Where are they now? Rupshana Khanum



Hello there people,

Yes, we are back with another post for our WBS Alumni – where are they now series. As you know the purpose of this series is to inspire and advise. Many students and graduates don’t know what direction they wish to head at, which is why we love doing this series. You could take some ideas from people that are achievers. If you are someone that is interested in getting into the insurance sector, this post may help you in some-what to determine whether this is for you in terms of the job specification and the skills needed, as well as give you advice on how to get in to the sector. This isn’t to say that if you aren’t interested in insurance this post isn’t for you. You can always learn from the journey and take some advice on board.

We interviewed Rupshana Khanum to find out a little about her background, current situation, future plans and mainly what her main advice to the readers would be. She completed BTEC Administration at College as she was very much interested in and inspired by how businesses could grow. She then continued to enhance her knowledge of Business by going to the University of Westminster where she completed a BA Business Management Degree and achieved a 2’1. One of the reasons why she’s extremely interested in Business is because she’s passionate about make-up and her dream is to launch her own make-up line. That’s not all though, she’s very ambitious and would like to expand the business further by launching her own eye-lashes and possibly even clothing too. Guess where we’re gonna shop from. It’s evident that for anyone who would like to start their own business, having the right knowledge and mindset is key. Hence she dedicated her time to studying the course. The great thing about studying Business and Management in her opinion is that it does open many doors for you, whether it is in Administration, Marketing, HR, Retail, Finance or Accounting. It allows you to be fully equipped as a businessman or businesswoman.

Currently Rupshana works in an insurance company as a Binder Management Technician. You may be wondering what the day to day tasks and requirements of a Binder Management Technician are? We asked Rupshana to give us some detail on her job role, perhaps our readers may be interested and could do with the extra information.

“This job involves me to look after client accounts we are contracted with, process excel sheet data that includes private customer information of insurances that are taken out. I retrieve these excel sheet data’s from repositories which Brokers upload onto. My job then is to download the excel sheets and process the data onto the company’s system, ensuring the figures are correct. If there are any sort of problems with the figures or layout issues for example missing fields or wrong format, I have to query this problem and arise it with the broker via email, telephone call or even meetings. My colleagues are all very sociable and everyone here is young and vibrant, so we are regularly going on lunch’s, arranging day outs, celebrating birthdays, arranging dinners and a lot more”

When you apply to jobs, usually the company provides a description of the role and what your typical day to day activities would be. Just after that, they ask you for the key skills they are looking for. The key skills for this particular role are: Good Team Work, Flexibility, Excellent Communication Skills, An Eye for Detail, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Organisational Skills & Pro activeness. If you are this person then perhaps a role similar to this may be for you.

Being a Binder Management Technician could be an excellent stepping stone and could open a door filled with opportunities for you. For example, being a Binder Management Technician would not only get you experience in a professional environment which is what most graduates are seeking, but also lead you to become a Underwriter or Broker in the future.

Rupshana’s advice to students and graduates: 

Experience, Experience, Experience

“Bag some experience in whatever you intend to build a career in! I have realized over the months of applying for a job, companies are more interested in candidates that have more experience, skills and knowledge over those who don’t. I would strongly advise everyone after graduation or even whilst your studies (if you have the time!), to seek for some valuable work experience in your preferable sector, which you can then add to your CV, and have more to talk about in your future interviews that will make YOU stand out among the rest!”

What if I don’t have enough experience? 

“For those who hold minimum experience and knowledge in insurance, I would say opt for graduate schemes or entry level jobs, as it would be easier for you to get into. Sign yourself up with recruitment agencies, because personally this had helped me a lot, and I had received various calls and emails regarding different vacancies. For the start, keep your options open with regards to job hunting, apply to vacancies in different positions within the same sector, and see what door opens for you. Those who have experience in a commercial background, I would advise you to do as much research in the insurance market as possible. That way you are able to sell yourself alongside with the skills and experience you already have”

The Struggles Of A Job Seeker: Rejections & Perseverance 

“Whilst applying for jobs over the summer I found searching for vacancies very difficult and frustrating at times. I applied to numerous vacancies online only to be ignored or let down on multiple occasions. However, I did not let this get to me or bring me down, as I knew this was only the tip of the iceberg when you are finally out of university, and actually searching for jobs in the real world. I kept my head held high and advertised my skills and knowledge to employers within my preferred sector; I then joined recruitment agencies near to me and kept in touch with them on a daily basis. The recruiters arranged time to get to know me as a person, my interests, alongside my career goals. With this information, as suitable jobs arose in my category, they approached me with these vacancies as soon as possible, which I then decided which job to go ahead with and was happy to attend an interview for. My advice to students and graduates will be, to remain patient at all times whilst applying for jobs, as it does get rather tedious! Get yourself introduced to recruitment agencies so they are able to help you and support you through this process and lastly, asking your friends and family if there are any vacancies available within their company, as word of mouth is a powerful tool!”

We genuinely hope this post has helped you, whether or not you plan on getting into Insurance. We’d like to thank Rupshana for taking out time off her busy schedule and sharing her journey with us. We wish her all the very best for her future with her business plans.

Thank you so much for reading and we shall see you on the next post!

The Regeneration

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Rupshana’s Instagram: rk_x94

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