Revising in Ramadan

Revising with an empty stomach isn’t easy at all, but a few tips could make it slightly better. Eat Wisely You can only eat twice during the day, once for Suhoor (breakfast) and then for Iftar (dinner) where you actually break your fast. When you do get to eat, eat foods that boost your brain […]

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How To Master The Art Of Presenting

Presentations are a popular way through which you can communicate to your audience effectively about a product or a topic. We are always tested through presentations, whether it is at University or at interviews as part of an assessment. Depending on your profession, it is more than likely that you’d have to present for work, […]

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Did someone say Internship?

Hi everyone, We come across many students and even graduates who consider doing an internship but don’t know which one to go for or don’t have enough guidance. This post aims to help any of you considering doing an internship. What is an internship?  “An internship is a period of work experience offered by an […]

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Overcoming Rejections and Failures

Hello Dear Readers, So we thought why not do something that has been personal to us in life, post graduation. Something that everyone in The Regeneration team and those that work with us can relate to. Failure, we have all experienced this at some point in life. Whether it is failing studies, receiving rejections when […]

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The University Starter Kit

Heyyyy everyone.. Some of you may be wondering why I’ve gone silent, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a while. Rest-assured I was planning what to write next. Some of you have even given ideas of what you’d like me to cover. Your ideas have been heard and are very much […]

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