WBS Alumnis: Where are they now? – Dennis G. Lucan

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As you can tell by the title we have embarked on a new a project here at The Regeneration. A series. Yes you heard it right, we are bringing you a series of posts based on the Westminster Business School graduates and where they have reached in a matter of a few months. The main purpose for this is to show university students the kind of routes graduates tend to take after they graduate. This series may either be inspirational or will simply show you what to expect.

Dennis studied Business and Management with Entrepreneurship at University. The main reason for this was because it offered practical exercises that were quite empowering and also because the modules in this pathway were tailored to enhance student skills.

A little about his achievements:

Students to be able to get a really good job that you like, you need to be hardworking from day one. Being involved in a number of  projects and initiative during your time at University will certainly help you gain that experience and will add an edge. Sadly, not many of us do that (including myself) which is why we are using Dennis’s journey as an excellent example.

He started off by being a FAN (friend of arriving new students) to roughly 25 people. Thereafter was nominated by the Student Union. 

Reached the London Regional Final in the University Business Challenge with a team of 5. You can read more about this challenge here.

Participated in the promotion of  The 125 Fund as well as received funding for his business Mush+.  The same business reached the finals in the Low Carbon Entrepreneur Competition, organised by the Mayor of London. Also, reached the regional final in the Hult Prize International Competition. Finally came 2nd place in the Westminster Big Business Ideas 2017.

His advice to the readers:

“Firstly, take a few days off and please stop and reflect. Find a comprehensive answer to the questions: “Who am I?”, “What is my current position in life?”, “What do I enjoy doing most?”, “What are my strengths?” and last, but not least, “What do I want for myself and where do I see myself doing?”. 

As you can tell, a lot of importance is being given to self-reflection. After you take some time to think where you want to be, you can seek opportunities and gain the experience needed to be in that position. It is important to be determined and passionate.

“Right next to the first advice sits: “stop making excuses!” and there is nothing more difficult. I struggled to find the power to face distractions and say “no, not today!”

Dennis emphasises a lot on personal branding and networking because it allows you to be out there. You need to get people to recognise you!

Where’s Dennis now and how?:

He’s working as a Marketing and Engagement Coordinator of Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC. Responsibilities are as follows: being responsible for the company’s marketing, branding, relations with stakeholders and admissions. Finally he supports teaching the Young Enterprise enrichment programme.

In addition he is the founder of Mush+ and DGL group.

He describes his journey as a series of events that start off as him being appointed as Project Officer. His job role included in him helping in setting up a new University Technical College in Central London, working in partnership with top tier companies from the construction and railway industry: Landsec, Network Rail, Transport for London, Colas Rail, Sir Robert McAlpine, Alstom, Sir Simon Milton Foundation, Westminster City Council, University of Westminster. Through this role he started taking on a Marketing Manager’s role which led him to his current role.

He will also be launching his personal website that explain his achievements and any recommendations he gives based on that. Below are his social media handles.

Social media handles:

Dennis G. Lucan

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Website | Twitter | Facebook

DGL | group

Website | Twitter

Thank you for reading this post. We genuinely hope it has inspired you to be someone that actively seeks opportunities. Also we hope that the advice Dennis has given motivates you to go further. One last word of advice from myself and the team would be that persistence is key. When looking for the right job for you, it’s not something that happens overnight. So don’t be disheartened when you get rejections, just try harder and the job that’s meant for you will come to you at its time.

Arifa and Team

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